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Company introduction
The Natures Support pure herbal supplement range is a brand of EKUR Ltd UK, a specialist developer and manufacturer of natural health support preparations.

EKUR is a caring, energetic and accomplished herbal company, with a mission to help people overcome clinical conditions through nutritional strengthening and holistic balancing, and nurture natural healing and health improvement without unpleasant side effects.

Natures Support research and development is led by an accomplished practitioner of traditional Chinese medicine who, having over 40 years experience, is proficient in condition diagnosis, deficiency recognition, balanced formula development and blend preparation in its various forms.

Natures Support herbal blends are developed specific to individual health challenges whereby a common pattern of deficiency and imbalance has been identified and thus a generic formula is appropriate. Blends are only released as a commercial product following several years successful application in private use and or field trial.

EKUR Ltd are committed to customer satisfaction and service. We aim for orders to be securely delivered to your door in the shortest possible time, either from us directly or from one of our partners, and for you to gain the appropriate health benefits and life quality improvement as soon as possible.     

We believe this simple blend of caring, quality and focus defines our commitment and we hope to gain your trust as a team you can rely on.

Wishing you the best of health and a happy life.

The  Natures Support team at EKUR Ltd.                       

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Copyright © 2014 EKUR Ltd
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