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Immune Plus for HIV / AIDS

Natures-Support products are formulated and blended to provide nutritional support for those with chronic conditions and health challenges, so as to nurture a natural healing, recovery and strengthening process.
All our products are developed through the principles of traditional Chinese medicine and
herbal expertise and are carefully prepared using high quality herbs
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Vitabetic for diabetes type 2

Immune Plus
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Sanguis Plus for hypertension
Sanguis Plus
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Lady's Friend
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Lady's Friend for women
Yang Plus
All our products have been developed through the principles of traditional Chinese medicine by
experienced practitioners specifically to support those with the stated conditions. We do not
claim a cure for any medical condition and our dietary supplements are not intended to
replace medicine. Statements and the wording on this web-site have not been
verified by any medical authority or medical regulatory body.
Yang Plus for men
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Copyright © 2013 EKUR Ltd
Ladies Friend supplement for  menopausal women
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